Net Neutrality

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Julius Genachowski - Tenure As FCC Chairman - Net Neutrality
... Obama, Genachowski was a strong advocate of a net neutrality principle ... Net neutrality principles were first articulated at the FCC by Republican Chairmen Michael Powell and Kevin Martin, and were endorsed in a unanimous FCC policy ... Support for codifying net neutrality came from public interest groups, venture capitalists, wireless carriers such as Sprint and Clearwire, and a coalition including Google, Amazon, Twitter and others ...
Political Positions Of John Mc Cain - Economic Policy - Technology
... McCain's positions against Internet taxes and against laws guaranteeing net neutrality ... against government regulation of network neutrality unless evidence of abuse exists ... broadband providers and enforcing net neutrality rules, and characterized such regulation as "onerous" amounting to a government takeover ...
Tiered Service - History
2000s that Internet carriers considered the option of abandoning net neutrality policies ... realm of the internet is referred to as the policy of Net Neutrality ... Former chairman of the FCC Michael Powell considered net neutrality to be fundamental to the success of the Internet and even one of the basic rules to maintaining freedom on the ...
Tiered Service - Net Neutrality
... Net neutrality is the practice of keeping internet service providers from offering tiered service and controlling the ability to block out competition by restricting certain pipelines within ...
Definitions of Network Neutrality - FCC Broadband Policy Statement
... that wireless should be subject to the same network neutrality as wireline providers ... the FCC took the next step by approving a notice of proposed rule making on the subject of net neutrality ... FCC would drop their effort to enforce net neutrality, they announced that they would continue their fight ...

Famous quotes containing the words neutrality and/or net:

    My father and I were always on the most distant terms when I was a boy—a sort of armed neutrality, so to speak. At irregular intervals this neutrality was broken, and suffering ensued; but I will be candid enough to say that the breaking and the suffering were always divided up with strict impartiality between us—which is to say, my father did the breaking, and I did the suffering.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)

    it was you untying the snarls and knots,
    the webs, all bloody and gluey;
    you with your twelve tongues and twelve wings
    beating, wresting, beating, beating
    your way out of childhood,
    that airless net that fastened you down.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)