Nerve Stimulation

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Vertebral Subluxation - Scientific Investigation
... concomitants were caused by nociceptive stimulation of autonomic centers in the brainstem, particularly the medulla ... indicated that "this is an example of the ability of deep noxious stimulation to activate generalized autonomic responses independently of the relay of pain to conscious levels." In ... considered disease the result of spinal nerve dysfunction caused by misplaced (subluxated) vertebrae ...
Cochlear Implant - History
... The discovery that electrical stimulation in the auditory system can create a perception of sound occurred around 1790, when Alessandro Volta (the developer of the electric battery ... The first direct stimulation of an acoustic nerve with an electrode was performed in the 1950s by the French-Algerian surgeons André Djourno and Charles Eyriès ... They placed wires on nerves exposed during an operation, and reported that the patient heard sounds like "a roulette wheel" and "a cricket" when a current was ...
Anesthesia Of The Brachial Plexus - Methods of Nerve Localization
... there is as yet no clear evidence to support the assertion that one method of nerve localization is better than another ... For interscalene block, it is not clear whether nerve stimulation provides a better interscalene block than elicitation of paresthesiae ... rate of the block (relative to blocks done with nerve stimulator alone) even at the inferior roots of the plexus ...
List Of Eponymously Named Medical Signs
... urine A Adie pupil William John Adie neurology ciliary nerve damage dilated pupil, poorly reactive but with normal near accommodation A Adson's sign Alfred Washington Adson vascular surgery ... fanning of the remaining phalanges upon soft stimulation of the lateral plantar surface of the foot B Bainbridge reflex Francis Arthur Bainbridge cardiology normal physiology ... infarcts B Brissaud's reflex Édouard Brissaud neurology pyramidal tract lesions plantar stimulation elicits contraction of tensor fasciae latae B Broadbent inverted sign Sir William Broadbent, 1st Baronet ...

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