Neighborhoods of Milwaukee

This is a list of neighborhoods of Milwaukee.

Two residents of the same neighborhood may describe different neighborhood boundaries, which could be based on ZIP codes, ethnic groupings, or simply personal opinion. Although rooted in real history, neighborhoods remain social constructions, in which seemingly concrete things like boundaries are much rather in flux.

This encyclopedic problem is true for all cities but is particularly complicated in Milwaukee when identified neighborhoods can be within other neighborhoods. For instance, Brady Street and East Village are actually inside of the East Side, but Beerline B is essentially located in Riverwest. At the same time some Riverwest residents may regard the Beerline B as a separate distinct neighborhood or perhaps part of adjacent Brewers' Hill. On the other hand, Beerline B and Brewers' Hill residents might or might not agree that Beerline B is part of Brewers' Hill. Certainly, residents and realtors tend to assign new names as neighborhoods evolve, and some historic identities are revived by community or political groups, Bronzeville for instance. In 1990, the Neighborhood Identification Project set boundaries and names for 75 areas of the city. Prior to that, neighborhood names were not official and many areas had no names, official or otherwise.

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