Needle Valve

A needle valve is a type of valve having a small port and a threaded, needle-shaped plunger. It allows precise regulation of flow, although it is generally only capable of relatively low flow rates.

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Cox Model Engine - The Engines - High-performance Bees
... 1956 RR1 (Cat#390 - Manufactured 1956-1965) The RR1 uses a rear rotary valve intake rather than a reed valve in an attempt to achieve more power ... That is a Babe Bee without a tank, but a venturi and needle valve relying on and external fuel tank. 1995-1996) The Killer Bee was a real good attempt at making a fast reed valve 049 engine from information that had been learned over the years of racing and competition ...
Hydraulic Analogy - Component Equivalents
... for the purpose of damping out pressure surges and "hammers" due to valves opening and closing ... lower Diode Equivalent to a one-way check valve with a slightly leaky valve seat ... small pressure difference is needed before the valve opens ...
Fuel Injection - Various Injection Schemes - Direct Injection
... chamber (as opposed to fuel and air mixing before the intake valve) ... The header has a high pressure relief valve to maintain the pressure in the header and return the excess fuel to the fuel tank ... The fuel is sprayed with the help of a nozzle that is opened and closed with a needle valve, operated with a solenoid ...
Hit-and-miss Engine - Construction
... consists of a fuel tank, fuel line, check valve and fuel mixer ... Inserted into the fuel line was a check valve which kept the fuel from running back to the tank between combustion strokes ... The mixer created the correct fuel/air mixture by means of a needle valve attached to a weighted or spring-loaded piston usually in conjunction with an ...
Needle Valve - Uses
... Needle valves are usually used in flow metering applications, especially when a constant, calibrated, low flow rate must be maintained for some time, such as ... Note that the float valve of a carburetor (controlling the fuel level within the carburetor) is not a needle valve, although it is commonly described as one ... It uses a bluntly conical needle, but it seats against a square-edged seat rather than a matching cone ...

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