Naval Gunfire Support

Naval Gunfire Support

Naval gunfire support (NGFS) (also known as shore bombardment) is the use of naval artillery to provide fire support for amphibious assault and other troops operating within their range. NGFS is one of a number of disciplines encompassed by the term Naval Fires. Modern naval gunfire support is one of the three main components of amphibious warfare assault operations support, along with aircraft and ship-launched missiles. Shipborne guns have been used against shore defences since the early days of naval warfare.

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United States Naval Gunfire Support Debate
... The United States Naval Gunfire Support debate (also known as the United States Naval Surface Fire Support debate) is an ongoing debate among the navy, Marine Corps, Congress ... At the heart of the issue is the role that naval gunfire support—the use of naval artillery to provide fire support for amphibious assault and other troops operating within their range ... the last active Iowa-class battleship, USS Missouri (BB-63), as a result of the reduced demand for naval artillery, the rise of ship and submarine-lau ...
USS John A. Bole (DD-755) - Service History - World War II
... for the East China and Yellow Seas to support the occupation and to take part in minesweeping operations ... San Diego on 10 April 1947 to begin a regular schedule of training maneuvers and cruises for Naval Reservists ... Bole entered San Francisco Naval Shipyard in late 1961 to undergo a major Fleet-Rehabilitation-and-Modernization (FRAM II) overhaul, designed to equip her with the ...
Battle Of Al Faw (2003) - Order of Battle
... States Marine Corps SEAL Teams 3, 8 and 10 GROM commando unit Fleet support HMS Ark Royal (helicopter transport) HMS Ocean (amphibious assault ship) HMS ...
Continued Naval Gunfire Support Training
... Forward Air Controllers (FACs) are taught the rudiments of calling in and adjusting naval gunfire ... procedures, the controlling principles are quite similar in both land and naval bombardment ... While the ground-based FO starts his adjustment mission by saying, "Adjust Fire", the naval gunfire spotter says, "Fire Mission" from that point on ...
USS Newport News (CA-148) - 1963–1974
... On June 28, 1965, Newport News entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Va ... remaining several months of this deployment, Newport News participated in Naval Gunfire Support operations near the DMZ (The Demilitarized Zone) ... In support of Third Marine Division forces on the beach, the ship fired around the clock for periods sometimes lasting several weeks in succession ...

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