Natural Units

In physics, natural units are physical units of measurement based only on universal physical constants. For example the elementary charge e is a natural unit of electric charge, and the speed of light c is a natural unit of speed. A purely natural system of units is defined in such a way that some set of selected universal physical constants are each normalized to unity; that is, their numerical values in terms of these units are exactly 1. While this has the advantage of simplicity, there is a potential disadvantage in terms of loss of clarity and understanding, as these constants are then omitted from mathematical expressions of physical laws.

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Anthropic Units - Anthropically-biased Natural Units
... Natural units are intended to be directly derived from nature and to be free of human influence ... However, our selection of a particular unit is often driven by a human preference ... Therefore, we might use the term “anthropically biased natural units” to designate natural units which were selected because of a particular human prejudice ...
Systems of Natural Units - Summary Table
... Quantity / Symbol Planck (with Gaussian) Stoney Hartree Rydberg "Natural" (with L-H) "Natural" (with Gaussian) Speed of light in vacuum Planck's constant (reduced) Elementary charge ...
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... See also Natural units Conventional electrical units can be thought of as a scaled version of a system of natural units defined as having consequence ... This is a more general (or less specific) version of either the particle physics "natural units" or the quantum chromodynamical system of units but that no unit mass is fixed ... or QCD units, with conventional electrical units any observed variation over space or time in the value of the fine-structure constant, α, is attributed to variation in the Coulomb constant or ...
Customary Units Of Measure - Natural Units
... Natural units are physical units of measurement defined in terms of universal physical constants in such a manner that some chosen physical constants take on the numerical value of one when expressed in terms of a ... Natural units are natural because the origin of their definition comes only from properties of nature and not from any human construct ... Various systems of natural units are possible ...

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