National Socialism

  • (noun): A form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism.
    Synonyms: Nazism, Naziism

Some articles on national socialism, socialism, national:

Alois Hudal - Biography - Vatican Reaction
... When, in 1937, Hudal published his book on the basic foundations of National Socialism Church authorities were upset, because of his deviations from Church policy and teachings ... the Vatican policy of Pope Pius XI and Eugenio Pacelli towards National Socialism, which culminated in the same year in the encyclical Mit brennender Sorge, in which the Vatican openly attacked National Socialism ... Hudal had proposed a Faustian bargain between Church and Nazis, a "truly Christian National Socialism" Education and Church affairs remain in the hands of ...
Ahmed Huber - Beliefs
... Huber believed that the doctrines of National Socialism, which he called anti-modern, were entirely compatible with the principles of Islam ... He pointed out that both Islam and National Socialism oppose usury, homosexuality and degenerate art ... Huber's advocacy of National Socialism alongside typically left-wing viewpoints, such as his support for Third World anti-imperialist movements and socialism, classify him as a Strasserist ...
Nazi Terminology - N
... Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt – the National Political Educational Establishment, or NPEA ... Nationalsozialismus (NS) - National Socialism, i.e ... Betriebszellenorganisation (NSBO) – National Socialist Factory Cell Organization (Nazi Party labor union) which had a membership of approx ...
The Roots Of National Socialism
... The Roots of National Socialism, 1783-1933 is a 1941 book by Rohan D'O ... It details the intellectual developments leading to the ideology of National Socialism ...
Sonderweg - 20th Century - Early Postwar Period
... the Weimar Republic and which factors led to the rise of National Socialism ... of German history, reflecting unique flaws in "German national character" that went back to the days of Martin Luther, if not earlier ... Taylor argued that National Socialism was inevitable because the Germans wanted "to repudiate the equality with the peoples of eastern Europe which had then been forced upon them" after 1918 ...

Famous quotes containing the words socialism and/or national:

    Successful socialism depends on the perfectibility of man. Unless all, or nearly all, men are high-minded and clear-sighted, it is bound to be a rotten failure in any but a physical sense. Even through it is altruism, socialism means materialism. You can guarantee the things of the body to every one, but you cannot guarantee the things of the spirit to every one; you can guarantee only that the opportunity to seek them shall not be denied to any one who chooses to seek them.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)

    Being a gentleman is the number one priority, the chief question integral to our national life.
    Edward Fox (b. 1934)