National Service

National service is a common name for mandatory government service programmes (usually military service, also known as conscription). The term became common British usage during and for some years following the Second World War. Many young people spent one or more years in such programmes. Compulsory military service typically requires all citizens, or all male citizens, to participate for a period of a year (or more in some countries) during their youth, usually at some point between the age of 18 and their late twenties.

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Literacy Volunteers Of Illinois - Programs and Services - National Service
... and state AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) programs ... LVI has placed over 600 national service members in 150 adult, family literacy, and Head Start Programs throughout Illinois ... LVI began its involvement in national service programs in 1992 as a sponsor of the AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) Literacy Corps ...
Service Nation
... of civic responsibility in America through universal national service ... is to expand opportunities for Americans to spend a year in non-military national service such as AmeriCorps ... National service programs like Americorps pay a living stipend and reward volunteers who have completed service with a monetary education award ...
Swedish Compulsory National Service Act - Effect On Students
... These compulsory National Service exercises were carried out in secondary schools, while variations (with less military emphasis) were carried out in primary schools ... average 11.1 outdoor recreation days in 1941-42, 9.3 were used for compulsory national service training ... Of the 7,258 male secondary-school students eligible for National Service training, 6,932 participated the number of participating female secondary-school students was 3,471 of 3,728 ...
Disabled American Veterans - History
... War (DAVWW) was officially created on September 25, 1931, at its first National Caucus, in Hamilton County Memorial Hall in Cincinnati ... It held its first national convention in Detroit on June 27, 1921, at which time Marx was appointed the first national commander ... In 1944, the DAV began offering a National Service Officer Training Program at American University in Washington, the first step of education that completed with a two-year mentorship program ...
National Service - Other Countries
... National service is the usual term for compulsory military service programmes in countries including Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Bulgaria, Greece, Guyana, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Norway ... Conscription in the United States was called Selective Service and obligatory service was required until 1973 ... In the Netherlands, conscription was called "service duty" (Dutch "dienstplicht"), and continued until 1996 ...

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    The service a man renders his friend is trivial and selfish, compared with the service he knows his friend stood in readiness to yield him, alike before he had begun to serve his friend, and now also. Compared with that good-will I bear my friend, the benefit it is in my power to render him seems small.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    This is the first national administration we’ve ever seen where the housewife couldn’t afford to buy groceries and the farmer couldn’t afford to grow them.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)