National Army

National Army may also refer to:

  • National Revolutionary Army, the national army of the Republic of China in 1925–1947, know has the National Army after 1928
  • National Army (USA), the 1917 army of the United States of America
  • The Irish National Army (1921–1924), the military force of the Irish Free State during the Irish Civil War
  • National Army (Suriname), the Suriname army of 1980, when the Surinamese armed forces changed name
  • National Army (Azerbaijan), a branch of the Azerbaijan Republic Armed forces
  • National Army (Spanish Civil War), the "Ejército Nacional", Nationalist rebel forces in the Spanish Civil War
  • National Army of Colombia, the land military force of the government of Colombia and the largest service of the Colombian Armed Forces
  • National Army of Guatemala, "Ejercito Nacional de Guatemala", a branch of the military of Guatemala
  • National Army of Uruguay, "Ejército Nacional", a branch of the armed forces of Uruguay
  • Dominican Army, Ejército Nacional de la República Dominicana, a branch of the Military of the Dominican Republic
  • National Army of Venezuela, one of the four professional branches of the Armed Forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • National Army, a playable faction in the EA computer game Battlefield Heroes

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Famous quotes containing the words army and/or national:

    This fantastic state of mind, of a humanity that has outrun its ideas, is matched by a political scene in the grotesque style, with Salvation Army methods, hallelujahs and bell-ringing and dervishlike repetition of monotonous catchwords, until everybody foams at the mouth. Fanaticism turns into a means of salvation, enthusiasm into epileptic ecstacy, politics becomes an opiate for the masses, a proletarian eschatology; and reason veils her face.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    The Federated Republic of Europe—the United States of Europe—that is what must be. National autonomy no longer suffices. Economic evolution demands the abolition of national frontiers. If Europe is to remain split into national groups, then Imperialism will recommence its work. Only a Federated Republic of Europe can give peace to the world.
    Leon Trotsky (1879–1940)