National Anthem

A national anthem (also national hymn, song etc.) is a generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation's government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. The majority of national anthems are either marches or hymns in style. The countries of Latin America tend towards more operatic pieces, while a handful of countries use a simple fanfare.

Although national anthems are usually in the most common language of the country, whether de facto or official, there are notable exceptions. India's anthem, "Jana Gana Mana", is in a highly Sanskritized version of Bengali. States with more than one national language may offer several versions of their anthem: For instance, Switzerland's anthem has different lyrics for each of the country's four official languages (French, German, Italian and Romansh). Canada's national anthem has different lyrics for both of the country's official languages (English and French), and on some occasions is sung with a mixture of stanzas taken from its French and English versions. The Sri Lankan national anthem has translated lyrics for each of the country's official languages Sinhala and Tamil. It was actually written in Sinhala, but a Tamil translation is also played on some occasions and mostly played in Tamil Provinces and Tamil schools. On the other hand, South Africa's national anthem is unique in that five of the country's eleven official languages are used in the same anthem (the first stanza is divided between two languages, with each of the remaining three stanzas in a different language). Apart from God Save the Queen, the New Zealand national anthem is now traditionally sung with the first verse in Māori (Aotearoa) and the second in English (God Defend New Zealand). The tune is the same but the words are not a direct translation of each other. Another multilingual country, Spain, has no words in its anthem, La Marcha Real, although in 2007 a national competition to write words was unsuccessfully launched.

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... The oldest national anthem, defined as "a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism", is the Dutch national anthem Het Wilhelmus, which was written between ... The first anthem to be officially proclaimed as such was La Marcha Real, adopted by Spain in 1770 ... Het Wilhelmus was declared the national anthem of the Netherlands in 1932 both of these anthems remain in use today ...
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... While most national anthems are in the standard major scale, there are a number of notable exceptions ... The national anthem of South Africa and Il Canto degli Italiani (Italy) do not end in the same key in which they start ... The Afghan National Anthem uses parallel key modulation ...
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... Gana Mana, which was composed by Rabindranath Tagore and had been sung at sessions of the Indian National Congress ... It took Vande Mataram's place as the official national anthem of the Provisional Government, and was sung at all meetings, including at the final ... It is sometimes considered a Hindi version of the national anthem of India, Jana Gana Mana, though its meaning varies from the latter and it is therefore not a true ...
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