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    • Nathan (prophet), biblical figure during the time of King David
    • Nathan (son of David), biblical figure, son of King David and Bathsheba
    • Starboy Nathan, a British singer who used the stage name "Nathan" from 2006 to 2011
  • Nathan (surname), a surname
  • Nathan, Queensland, a suburb of Brisbane in Australia
  • Nathan (band), an alt-country band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Vethan or "Nathan", a deity in Ayyavazhi theology
  • Natan (brand), a Belgian fashion house
  • Nathan, a French publishing house, a subsidiary of Editis

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Death's Requiem
... It tells of Nathan Chapel, a terminally ill comic book artist with an obsession for death ... But When the Grim Reaper himself pays Nathan comes to life to haunt him, Nathan's greatest fears are realized ... The film starred Jai Koutrae as Nathan Chapel ...
Brothers Grimm (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - First Pair
... Later, in the process of creating the Brothers Grimm dolls, Nathan's consciousness is trapped simultaneously inside both doll mannequins ... They are used by Nathan's wife Priscilla to power a pair of life size versions ... Priscilla's plan is to use her occult knowledge to transfer Nathan's mind from the mannequins to a living human body ...
Debbie Nathan
... Debbie Nathan (born 1950) is an American feminist journalist and writer, with a focus on cultural and criminal justice issues concerning abuse of children, particularly ... Nathan's writing has won a number of awards ...
Alan Nathan
... Alan Nathan is a centrist US radio talk show host and columnist ... Nathan's style is noted for its speed, skilled debate, and rigorous logic ... Nathan began his career in radio as a DJ at 1480 WPWC Radio in Dumfries, VA, and it was there where he aired his first talk show, Profile and Comment With Alan Nathan ...

Famous quotes containing the word nathan:

    She finally got Harry all to herself.
    —Mark Hanna. Nathan Hertz. Dr. Cushing (Roy Gordon)

    Y’know the trouble with us is, we’ve both got the same disease—money, and happy ways of spending it.
    —Mark Hanna. Nathan Hertz. Honey Parker (Yvette Vickers)

    She’s loose! She’ll tear the roof off!
    —Mark Hanna. Nathan Hertz. Nurse (Eileen Stevens)