Nameless Detective

Nameless Detective is the protagonist in a long-running mystery series by Bill Pronzini set in the San Francisco area. The first novel, The Snatch, was published in 1971. As of 2011 there are thirty-eight books featuring "Nameless".

Thrilling Detective cites Pronzini as stating that when he imagines the Nameless Detective, he sees Bill Pronzini.

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Famous quotes containing the words detective and/or nameless:

    Everybody thinks detectives do nothing but ask questions. But detectives have souls the same as anyone else.... You know, Mrs. Beragon, being a detective is like, well, like making an automobile. You just take all the pieces and put them together one by one. First thing you know you’ve got an automobile. Or a murderer.
    Ranald MacDougall (1915–1973)

    In every great novel, who is the hero all the time? Not any of the characters, but some unnamed and nameless flame behind them all.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)