Mutual Aid

Mutual aid may refer to:

  • Mutual aid (organization theory), a tenet of organization theories.
  • Mutual aid (emergency services), an agreement between emergency responders.
  • Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, a biology book by anarchist Peter Kropotkin
  • Mutual aid, in social work with groups.
  • Mutual aid society, various organizations formed for the benefit of members.

Other articles related to "mutual aid, aid":

Mutual Aid (emergency Services) - Examples
... crashes while reports of structure fires will cause the automatic dispatch (automatic aid) of surrounding towns ... Such calls for mutual aid are the results of incident escalations as determined by the incident commander ... International mutual aid is also common on border communities in places such as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and others ...
Social Work With Groups - Primary Rationale For Group Services in Social Work
... Opportunities for mutual aid to be found in the group encounter offer the major rationale for the provision of group services by social workers ... work educator and group work scholar has elaborated on the role of mutual aid in the small group noting that “as members become involved with one another, they ... The mutual aid processes that unfold help group members "to experience their concerns and life issues as universal," to "reduce isolation and stigma," to "offer and receive help from each other," and to "learn from ...
Social Work With Groups - Evolution of Social Group Work in The United States - The 1960s To The Present
... of the small group as an enterprise in mutual aid ... the essential characteristics of the mainstream model were “common goals, mutual aid, and non-synthetic experiences” (1980, p ... In addition to the Mutual Aid Model of social work with groups, the Cognitive-Behavioral Group Work Model is recognized as influential on contemporary group work practice (Rose, 2004) ...
Social Work With Groups - Mutual Aid
... Mutual aid as group work technology can be understood as an exchange of help wherein the group member is both the provider as well as the recipient of help in service of ... The rationale for cultivating mutual aid in the group encounter is premised on mutual aid's resonance with humanistic values and the following ... Mutual aid is often erroneously understood as simply the exchange of support ...

Famous quotes containing the words aid and/or mutual:

    At dawn of morn, and close of even,
    To lift your heart and hands to Heaven.
    In double beauty say your prayer:
    Our Father first, then Notre Pere.
    And, dearest child, along the day,
    In every thing you do and say,
    Obey and please my lord and lady,
    So God shall love and angels aid ye.
    Matthew Prior (1664–1721)

    For do but note a wild and wanton herd
    Or race of youthful and unhandled colts
    Fetching mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud,
    Which is the hot condition of their blood;
    If they but hear perchance a trumpet sound,
    Or any air of music touch their ears,
    You shall perceive them make a mutual stand,
    Their savage eyes turned to a modest gaze
    By the sweet power of music.
    William Shake{peare (1564–1616)