Muong Thanh Valley - Economic Development

Economic Development

While the area surrounding the Muong Thanh Valley is largely rural and undeveloped, the valley itself is developed. The capital of the Dien Bien Province, the city of Dien Bien Phu, is located inside the valley.

The Vietnamese government is working to develop the Muong Thanh Valley into a popular tourist destination. Many war veterans and other tourists come to the region to revisit the important sights of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The Vietnamese government is now working to further develop the region's tourist infrastructure and appeal by promoting the diversity of local culture.

The Vietnamese government is advertising local Thai culture in an effort to introduce outsiders to the local culture. In 2004 the Vietnam Administration of Tourism and the Dien Bien Province announced that that year would be the "Year of Dien Bien Tourism". This announcement came with a gift of around US$9500 to each commune in Dien Bien to build a commune hall to host visitors. These communes will showcase and introduce tourists to Thai culture.

Trekking, mountain biking, and other nature-oriented tourist activities are also being promoted in the Muong Thanh Valley.

Additionally, a commercial airport is located in the Muong Thanh Valley. The airport, located in Dien Bien Phu, offers flights to Hanoi.

Rice farming also contributes to the local economy.

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