• (adj): Relating or belonging to or characteristic of a municipality.
    Example: "Municipal government"; "municipal bonds"; "a municipal park"; "municipal transportation"
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1939 Elections - North America - Canada
... Edmonton municipal election, 1939 New Brunswick general election, 1939 Ottawa municipal election, 1939 Prince Edward Island general election, 1939 ...
Vvedensky Municipal Okrug
... Vvedensky Municipal Okrug (Russian Введе́нский муниципа́льный о́круг), formerly Municipal Okrug #58 (муниципа́льный о́круг № 58), is a ... Municipal okrug's population 19,785 (2010 Census preliminary results) 21,374 (2002 Census) ...
Electronic Voting In Canada - Municipal - Quebec
... Quebec held municipal elections in 2005 ... Numerous problems were reported with the voting machines used, and Pierre Bourque of Vision Montreal called for some re-votes ...
1933 Elections - North America - Canada
... British Columbia general election, 1933 Edmonton municipal election, 1933 Nova Scotia general election, 1933 Ottawa municipal election, 1933 Toronto municipal election, 1933 ...
St. Catharines - Government and Politics - Municipal
... of twelve city councillors, with two councillors representing each of the six municipal wards in the city ... After 2006, municipal elections will be in November every four years rather than the previous three ... The CAO, in effect, is the highest ranking municipal civil servant and has authority over the spending of municipal tax dollars ...

More definitions of "municipal":

  • (adj): Of or relating to the government of a municipality.
    Example: "International law...only authorizes a belligerant to punish a spy under its municipal law"- J.L.kuntz

Famous quotes containing the word municipal:

    No sane local official who has hung up an empty stocking over the municipal fireplace, is going to shoot Santa Claus just before a hard Christmas.
    Alfred E. Smith (1873–1944)