Multinomial may refer to:

  • Multinomial theorem, and the multinomial coefficient
  • Multinomial distribution
  • Multinomial logit
  • Polynomial

Other articles related to "multinomial":

Categorical Distribution
... the categorical distribution with the related multinomial distribution ... the connection between the categorical and multinomial distributions by treating the categorical distribution as a special case of the multinomial distribution in which the parameter n of the ...
Multinomial Probit
... In statistics and econometrics, the multinomial probit model (or multivariate probit model) is a generalization of the probit model used to estimate several ... that of voting in favor of a school budget are correlated (both decisions are binary), then the multinomial probit model would be appropriate ...
Multinomial Logit - Model - Introduction
... ways to describe the mathematical model underlying multinomial logistic regression, all of which are equivalent ... of simple logistic regression, and many of these have equivalents in the multinomial logit model ... The difference between the multinomial logit model and numerous other methods, models, algorithms, etc ...
Dirichlet-multinomial Distribution - Probability Mass Function - For A Multinomial Distribution Over Category Counts
... For a random vector of category counts, distributed according to a multinomial distribution, the marginal distribution is obtained by integrating out p ... at the front that looks like the factor at the front of a multinomial distribution ...
Subjective Logic - Subjective Opinions - Multinomial Opinions
... A multinomial opinion over is the composite function, where is a vector of belief masses over the propositions of, is the uncertainty mass, and is a vector of base rate values over ... Visualising multinomial opinions is not trivial ... The Dirichlet distribution of a multinomial opinion is the function where the vector components are given by ...