MP 59 - Additional Trains and Refurbishment

Additional Trains and Refurbishment

In 1974, eight additional trains were ordered to improve service frequencies on both Lines 1 and 4, bringing the number of trains on each line to about 50 to 52. There was also an experimental train that was built during this time (called the MP 59DK) which contained many technological advances that were later adopted by the MF 77 and MP 89 stock. This particular train operated on Line 4 until 1979 and then operated on Line 1 until 1985, when it was refurbished and its experimental components replaced. The train was then circulated back into service either on Line 1 or Line 4.

Between 1986 and 1990, an experimental program ran on one MP 59 train that involved the installation of TV screens inside the train. The TVs would show various programs and advertisements. Certain stations along Lines 1 and 4 were also temporarily equipped with TV screens for the same experiment. Unfortunately, the program was largely unsuccessful and the TV monitors were dismantled in 1990. Shortly following, the experimental train was refurbished.

Between 1989 and 1992, the MP 59 stock was refurbished to prepare the Line 1 trains for the extension to La Defense. Most of the Line 4 stock were also refurbished. However, trains on Line 4 that were not suited for long-term operation (due to excessive wear and tear) were slated for early retirement. Unfortunately, this included the stock from 1974, which suffered greatly from mechanical defects.

For a short time, some of the refurbished trains on Line 1 featured an all-white livery with navy blue doors, as well as a uniquely renovated interior consisting of white colored seating. However, the RATP quickly found that this livery was heavily conducive to vandalism and stopped renovating trains in this livery. In 1993, the RATP introduced its current mint green and white livery, by which all of the refurbished trains would be painted in.

Unlike the six car configuration that the MP 59 possessed while in operation on Lines 1 and 4, the trains operate in four car configurations along Line 11. Although all of the platforms are 75 meters in length, enough for a five car train, the Victoria Depot (situated near Châtelet) is not large enough to accommodate five car trains.

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