Mover may mean:

  • Moving company, a service which helps with packing, moving and storage
  • In parliamentary procedure, the person who introduces a motion (see also seconder)
  • Prime mover (disambiguation)
  • Unmoved mover, a philosophical concept of that which moves all but is unmoved by everything else
  • Bob Mover (1952–), saxophonist

See also

  • Moving (disambiguation)
  • Motion (physics), the concept of a change in position of an object with respect to time

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Crystal Mover
... The Crystal Mover is an automated people mover (APM) system for airport and light rail applications manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ... The Crystal Mover is based on the Japanese APM standard, used in six Japanese light rail systems including the Yurikamome and the Rokko Island Line ...
Cincinnati Airport People Mover
... The Cincinnati Airport People Mover or Underground Train consists of an automated people mover that serves travelers of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport ...
Splitting Storm
... One storm is referred to as the left mover, and one is referred to as the right mover ... In the northern hemisphere, the left mover is more likely to weaken and dissipate, but on rare occasions will intensify into a very severe and anticyclonically (clockwi ...
Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Trams - 'C' Concourse People Mover
... The 'C' Concourse People Mover originally opened on May 5, 2004, and was the second of two automated people mover systems to begin operation at the airport ...