Mount Cayley

Mount Cayley is a potentially active stratovolcano in Squamish-Lillooet Regional District of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Located 45 kilometres (28 mi) north of Squamish and 24 kilometres (15 mi) west of Whistler in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains, it rises 2,264 metres (7,428 ft) above the Squamish River to the west and 1,844 metres (6,050 ft) above the Cheakamus River to the east.

Mount Cayley consists of ridges, rounded lava domes and sharp eroded rocky pinnacles with the highest reaching 2,377 metres (7,799 ft) in elevation. It lies at the southern end of a field of glacial ice called the Powder Mountain Icefield.

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Mount Cayley - Monitoring
... Currently Mount Cayley is not monitored closely enough by the Geological Survey of Canada to ascertain how active the volcano's magma system is ... A possible way to detect an eruption is studying Cayley's geological history since every volcano has its own pattern of behavior, in terms of its ... At present no hazard maps have been created for Mount Cayley because the level of knowledge is insufficient due to its remoteness ...
Mount Fee - Human History - Habitation
... Human habitation at Mount Fee extends from hundreds to thousands of years ago ... collected from a number of minor outcrops on the flanks of Mount Fee, as well as at Mount Cayley and Mount Callaghan ... In September 1928, Mount Fee was named by British mountaineer Tom Fyles after Charles Fee (1865–1927), who was a member of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club ...
Garibaldi Volcanic Belt - Geology - Geothermal and Seismic Activity
... At least four volcanoes have had seismic activity since 1985, including Mount Garibaldi (three events), Mount Cayley (four events), Mount Meager (seventeen ... activity throughout their history, such as Mount Garibaldi, Mount Cayley and Mount Meager ... About five hot springs exist in valleys near Mount Cayley and two small groups of hot springs are present at Mount Meager ...

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