Motorized may refer to:

  • Motor vehicle
    • especially an automobile
  • Motorized military unit—see Armoured warfare
  • any item containing a motor

Other articles related to "motorized":

Turkish Brigade - Composition
... comprised 241st Infantry Regiment, composed of three Infantry Battalions Motorized Field Artillery Battalion, composed of three Howitzer Batteries ... Each Howitzer Battery consisted of six 105 mm guns Motorized Engineering Company Motorized Anti-Aircraft Battery Transportation Truck Company Motorized Signal Platoon Motorized Anti-Tank Platoon Medical Company ...
Division Von Broich/von Manteuffel - Order of Battle (March 18, 1943)
... Fallschirmjäger Regiment (motorized) "Barenthin" (Luftwaffe) 4th Battalion, Artillery Regiment (motorized) 2 Fallschirmjäger Pionier Battalion (motorized ...
Massacre In Ciepielów
... Wessel, commander of the German 15th Motorized Infantry Regiment, 29th Motorized Infantry Division, after the commanding officer of the 11th Company was killed by a sniper ... The 29th Motorized Infantry Division was later reformed with new recruits in Spring 1943 as the 29th Panzergrenadier Division which served in Italy against the US Army at Anzio-N ...
Motorcycle (disambiguation)
... locomotion Moped, a class of low-powered motorized vehicles, generally with two wheels Motorized bicycle, a bicycle with an attached motor used to assist with pedalling ...