Motion Vectors

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MPEG-1 - Part 2: Video - Motion Vectors
... Through motion estimation the encoder can compensate for this movement and remove a large amount of redundant information ... the vector of the motion) from the previous video area to the current macroblock need to be encoded into the inter-frame (P- or B- frame) ... of this process, performed by the decoder to reconstruct the picture, is called motion compensation ...
Motion Estimation
... Motion estimation is the process of determining motion vectors that describe the transformation from one 2D image to another usually from adjacent frames in a ... It is an ill-posed problem as the motion is in three dimensions but the images are a projection of the 3D scene onto a 2D plane ... The motion vectors may relate to the whole image (global motion estimation) or specific parts, such as rectangular blocks, arbitrary shaped patches or even per pixel ...
Television Standards Conversion - Standards Conversion Methods in Common Use - Phase Correlation
... Correlation's success lies in the fact that it is effective with coping with rapid motion and random motion ... values, a Fast Fourier Transform expresses any changes (motion) in terms of frequency components ... of using FFTs over simply trying to predict the motion vector on a pixel by pixel basis? Mathematically, it's far easier and faster to recognize and process ...

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