The term Moonraker may refer to:

James Bond (books and films)

  • Moonraker (novel), the 1955 James Bond novel by Ian Fleming
    • Moonraker, a fictional British nuclear missile featured in the novel
  • Moonraker (film), the 1979 James Bond film starring Roger Moore, loosely based upon the novel
  • Moonraker (soundtrack), to the 1979 James Bond film, composed by John Barry
  • James Bond and Moonraker, a 1979 novel by Christopher Wood based on the 1979 film


  • The Moonraker Mutiny, a 1972 novel by Antony Trew
  • Moonraker (comic), a magazine published by Marvel Comics


  • The Moonraker, a 1958 British historical drama film set during the English Civil War


  • Moonrakers, a term used to refer to people from Wiltshire, in the west of England
  • Moonraker (sail), the uppermost course of sail on a fully rigged ship, above the skysail
  • Moonraker, a British manufacturer of radio communication antenna and associated products including CB radios
  • Moonraker, a moderately successful american rock-electronic band from Boston
  • Moonrakers, a 1960s American band originally known as the Surfin' Classics
  • The Moonrakers, a New Zealand noise rock band

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