Momentum Quantum Number

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Azimuthal Quantum Number - List of Angular Momentum Quantum Numbers
... Intrinsic (or spin) angular momentum quantum number, or simply spin quantum number orbital angular momentum quantum number (the subject of this article) magnetic quantum number, related to the orbital ...
Total Angular Momentum Quantum Number
... In quantum mechanics, the total angular momentum quantum number parameterises the total angular momentum of a given particle, by combining its orbital angular momentum and its intrinsic ... If s is the particle's spin angular momentum and ℓ its orbital angular momentum vector, the total angular momentum j is The associated quantum number is the main total angular momentum quantum number j ... of values, jumping only in integer steps where ℓ is the azimuthal quantum number (parameterizing the orbital angular momentum) and s is the spin quantum number (parameterizing ...
Index Of Physics Articles - A
... Abraham–Minkowski controversy Abram Ioffe Abrikosov vortex Absolute angular momentum Absolute dating Absolute horizon Absolute hot Absolute ... flame temperature Adiabatic invariant Adiabatic principle Adiabatic process Adiabatic process (quantum mechanics) Adiabatic shear band Adiabatic theorem ... Angle of repose Angstrom Angstrom exponent Angular Momentum Commutator Angular acceleration Angular diameter distance Angular displacement Angular frequency Angular momentum Angular momentum commutator Angular ...
C Parity
... C parity or charge parity is a multiplicative quantum number of some particles that describes its behavior under a symmetry operation of charge conjugation (see C-symmetry) ... additive quantum numbers) electrical charge baryon number and lepton number flavor charges strangeness, charm, bottomness, topness Isospin 3rd-component On the contrary, does ... The above implies that and have exactly the same quantum charges, so only truly neutral systems —those where all quantum charges and magnetic moment are 0 ...

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