Molecular Weight Polymer

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Methyl Isocyanate - Reactions
... It also reacts with itself to form a trimer or higher molecular weight polymers ... MIC reacts with itself to form a solid trimer, trimethyl isocyanurate, or a higher molecular weight polymer Sodium methoxide, triethyl phosphine, ferric ... The high-molecular-weight polymer hydrolyzes in hot water to form the trimethyl isocyanurate ...
Molar Mass Distribution - Measurement - Number Average Molecular Weight
... The number average molecular weight is a way of determining the molecular weight of a polymer ... Polymer molecules, even ones of the same type, come in different sizes (chain lengths, for linear polymers), so the average molecular weight will depend on the method of averaging ... The number average molecular weight is the ordinary arithmetic mean or average of the molecular weights of the individual macromolecules ...

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