Mole Fraction

In chemistry, the mole fraction is defined as the amount of a constituent divided by the total amount of all constituents in a mixture :

The sum of all the mole fractions is equal to 1:

The mole fraction is also called the amount fraction. It is identical to the number fraction, which is defined as the number of molecules of a constituent divided by the total number of all molecules . It is one way of expressing the composition of a mixture with a dimensionless quantity (mass fraction is another). The mole fraction is sometimes denoted by the lowercase Greek letter (chi) instead of a Roman . For mixtures of gases, IUPAC recommends the letter .

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Mc Cabe–Thiele Method - Construction and Use of The McCabe–Thiele Diagram
... The horizontal axis will be for the mole fraction (denoted by x) of the lower-boiling feed component in the liquid phase ... The vertical axis will be for the mole fraction (denoted by y) of the lower-boiling feed component in the vapor phase ... For example, in Figure 1, assuming the molar flow rate of the reflux L is 1000 moles per hour and the molar flow rate of the distillate D is 590 moles per hour, then the downward slope of ...
Henry's Law - Comparison To Raoult's Law
... solution, the concentration of the solute is approximately proportional to its mole fraction x, and Henry's law can be written as This can be compared with Raoult's law where p ... such as the solvent for a dilute solution, is proportional to its mole fraction, and the constant of proportionality is the vapor pressure of the pure substance (Raoult's law) ... The vapor pressure of the solute is also proportional to the solute's mole fraction, but the constant of proportionality is different and must be determined ...
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... The mole fraction can be calculated using the formula where is the molar mass of the component and is the average molar mass of the mixture ...
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... That is, the mole fraction of an individual gas component in an ideal gas mixture can be expressed in terms of the component's partial pressure or the moles of the component and the partial ...
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... In a spatially non-uniform mixture, the mole fraction gradient triggers the phenomenon of diffusion ...

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