Moldavian Democratic Republic

The Moldavian Democratic Republic (Romanian: Republica Democratică Moldovenească), also known as the Moldavian Republic, was the state proclaimed on December 15 1917 by the Sfatul Ţării (National Council) of Bessarabia, elected in October–November 1917 following the February Revolution and that start of the disintegration of the Russian Empire.

The Sfatul Ţării was its legislative body, while the "Council of Directors General", renamed the "Council of Ministers" after the Declaration of Independence, was its government.

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Moldavian Democratic Republic - Leadership
... The leadership of the Moldavian Republic was composed of Ion Inculeţ, the president of the Sfatul Ţării and President of the Republic and Pantelimon Erhan, the. 21 1917, the Sfatul Ţării elected the government of the Moldavian Democratic Republic - the Council of Directors General, with nine members, seven Moldavians, one ...
Sfatul Țării - The Workings of The Diet - Moldavian Democratic Republic
... After some long talks, on December 15 1917, Sfatul Ţării proclaimed the Moldavian Democratic Federative Republic (Romanian Republica Democrată Federativă Moldovenească), with ... When the republic was proclaimed, Criste stepped down and passed his legal powers to Inculeţ ... as possible the People Assembly of the Moldavian Democratic Republic, which should be elected in a general suffrage according to the highest democratic principles, and until such time ...
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... In Bessarabia, the Moldavian Democratic Republic was created on 2 December 1917 and declared independence on 24 January 1918 ... the Imperial colors, precisely the ancient coat of arms of the Moldavian Principality, and it is known that flags must be designed according to the exact ... Andrieş-Tabac considers Gore the moral author of the flag of the Moldavian Democratic Republic ...
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... in the Russian Army formed in 1917, within bigger units several "Moldavian Soldiers' Committees" ... Sfatul Țării (October–November 1917), which opened on December 3 1917, proclaimed the Moldavian Democratic Republic (December 15 1917), formed its government (Decemb ...

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