Molar may refer to:

  • Molar (tooth), the fourth kind of tooth in mammals
  • Molar (grape), another name for the Spanish wine grape Listan Negro
  • Molar concentration, a unit of concentration, or molarity, of solutions equal to 1 mole per litre
  • Molar volume
  • El Molar, Tarragona, a village in the comarca (county) of Priorat, province of Tarragona in the autonomous region of Catalonia, Spain
  • El Molar, Madrid, a town in the north of the Community of Madrid in the road to Burgos, after San Agustín de Guadalix
  • Molar behavior, or molara, larger units of behavior in psychology

See also:

  • Moler, a power-pop band from Australia

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To Induce A Spin Transition
... system the transition will be then characterized by a, where is the molar fraction of molecules in high-spin state ... The simplest method consists of measuring the temperature dependence of molar susceptibility ... the other with HS molecules the high-spin molar fraction then may be deduced from the relative intensities of the doublets ...
Dental Anatomy - Distinguishing Characteristics of Teeth - Molar - Mandibular Third Molar
... The mandibular third molar is the tooth located distally from both the mandibular second molars of the mouth with no tooth posterior to it in permanent ... In deciduous teeth, there is no mandibular third molar ... For this tooth, there are great variances among third molars, and a specific description of a third molar will not hold true in all cases ...
Molar Conductivity
... Molar conductivity is defined as the conductivity of an electrolyte solution divided by the molar concentration of the electrolyte, and so measures the efficiency with ...
Lundomys - Distribution and Ecology
... Lundomys specimens are subtly distinct from living Lundomys in some features of the first lower molar and may represent a distinct species ... One lower first molar of this form has length 3.28 mm ... Because the Bajo San José material does not contain lower first molars, it is impossible to determine whether this material also pertains to the later Argentinean ...