Moishe Sternbuch

Moishe Sternbuch (also written Moshe Shternbuch) is the Vice-President of the Rabbinical Court and Ra'avad of the Edah HaChareidis in Jerusalem. He resides in Har Nof where he is the rabbi of the local GR"A Synagogue, named after the Vilna Gaon of whom he is a direct descendant.

Born in London, England, before WWII he was orphaned by the death of his father at an early age. He attended the Toras Emes yeshiva in Stamford Hill, of which Rabbi Moshe Schneider was the rosh yeshiva., before learning in Brisk yeshiva. He also studied with Rabbi Bezalel Rakow, later to become the Gateshead Rov. He subsequently took up a position in Johannesburg, South Africa where he was widely acclaimed for his rabbinic leadership and popular lectures in Torah ethics to professionals across the Jewish spectrum.

He strongly opposes the Zionist State of Israel and was against its establishment. Holding a high position of authority in the anti-Zionist Edah HaChareidis, he is of the view that there is no connection between the existence of a Jewish state and the beginning of the redemption of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel which will precede the Messianic Era.

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