Modulus may refer to:

  • Modulus (gastropod) a genus of small sea snails
  • Modulus (algebraic number theory), a formal product of places of a number field
  • The absolute value of a real or complex number ( |a | )
  • Modular arithmetic, the modulus being the value at which numbers "wrap around"
  • Modulus of continuity, a function gauging the uniform continuity of a function
  • Elastic modulus, a measure of stiffness
  • Young's modulus, a specific elastic modulus
  • The modular function in theory of Haar measure, often called simply the modulus.
  • Modulus Guitars, musical instrument manufacturer
  • Modulus robot, a household robot
  • The modulo operator (%, mod, etc.) of various programming languages
  • Modulus watch brand in Switzerland. Now called Auguste Reymond watches.

Moduli, the plural form may refer to:

  • Moduli (physics), scalar fields for which the potential energy function has continuous families of global minima
  • Moduli space, in mathematics a geometric space whose points represent algebro-geometric objects

Other articles related to "modulus":

Modulus And Characteristic Of Convexity
... In mathematics, the modulus and characteristic of convexity are measures of "how convex" the unit ball in a Banach space is ... In some sense, the modulus of convexity has the same relationship to the ε-δ definition of uniform convexity as the modulus of continuity does to the ε-δ definition of continuity ...
Lipid Bilayer Mechanics - Bending Modulus
... See also Beam (structure) Bending modulus is defined as the energy required to deform a membrane from its intrinsic curvature to some other curvature ... The bending modulus, compression modulus and bilayer thickness are related by such that if two of these parameters are known the other can be calculated ...
Lamé Parameters
... called Lamé's first parameter μ, the shear modulus or Lamé's second parameter (also referred to as G) In homogenous and isotropic materials, these satisfy Hooke's law in 3D, where σ is the ... The first parameter λ is related to the bulk modulus and the shear modulus via, and serves to simplify the stiffness matrix in Hooke's law ... Although the shear modulus, μ, must be positive, the Lamé's first parameter, λ, can be negative, in principle however, for most materials it is also positive ...
Lipid Bilayer Mechanics
... properties are typically characterized in terms of three mechanical elastic modulus the area expansion modulus Ka, a bending modulus Kb and an edge energy ... For fluid bilayers the shear modulus is by definition zero, as the free rearrangement of molecules within plane means that the structure will not support shear stresses ...