Model Fit

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Cross-validation (statistics) - Purpose of Cross Validation
... Suppose we have a model with one or more unknown parameters, and a data set to which the model can be fit (the training data set) ... The fitting process optimizes the model parameters to make the model fit the training data as well as possible ... same population as the training data, it will generally turn out that the model does not fit the validation data as well as it fits the training data ...
Confirmatory Factor Analysis - Evaluating Model Fit
... However, in CFA, several statistical tests are used to determine how well the model fits to the data ... Note that a good fit between the model and the data does not mean that the model is “correct”, or even that it explains a large proportion of the covariance ... A “good model fit” only indicates that the model is plausible ...
Structural Equation Modeling - Steps in Performing SEM Analysis - Assessment of Model and Model Fit
... Having estimated a model, analysts will want to interpret the model ... Estimated paths may be tabulated and/or presented graphically as a path model ... It is important to examine the "fit" of an estimated model to determine how well it models the data ...

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