Mobile Suit Gundam - Cast


Character Japanese English (Series) English (Movies)
Amuro Ray Toru Furuya Brad Swaile Michael Lindsay
Char Aznable Shuichi Ikeda Michael Kopsa Steven Blum
Bright Noah Hirotaka Suzuoki Chris Kalhoon Wheat St. James
Mirai Yashima Fuyumi Shiraishi Cathy Weseluck Leslie Buhr
Sayla Mass Yō Inoue Alaina Burnett Olivia Bardeau
Fraw Bow Rumiko Ukai Kristie Marsden Melissa Fahn
Kai Shiden Toshio Furukawa Richard Ian Cox Eddie Frierson
Hayato Kobayashi Kiyonobu Suzuki Matt Smith Richard Cansino
Ryu Jose Shōzō Iizuka Ward Perry Ward Perry
Lalah Sune Keiko Han Willow Johnson Lia Sargent
Gihren Zabi Banjo Ginga Hiro Kanagawa Doug Stone
Garma Zabi Katsuji Mori Brian Dobson Unknown
Kishiria Zabi Mami Koyama Michelle Porter Bambi Darro
Dozle Zabi Daisuke Gouri French Tickner Peter Spellos
Degwin Zabi Ichiro Nagai Chris Schneider Elliot Reynolds
Ramba Ral Masashi Hirose John Payne Michael McConnohie
Crowley Hamon Yumi Nakatani Lenore Zann Dian Andrews

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