Missionaries of The Gospel of Life

The Missionaries of the Gospel of Life is a lay Catholic association affiliated with Priests for Life.

On December 12, 2005 Bishop John Yanta of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo, in Texas, United States approved a society of apostolic life that was founded by Fr. Frank Pavone dedicated to the protection of the unborn and most vulnerable in society.

In 2008, it was agreed by Priests for Life and the Diocese of Amarillo that the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life would cease to be a society of apostolic life, but would continue as an association of the faithful.

At times, the profession of some of the over 1000 people currently in formation are received by their local bishop, as was done in the Diocese of Knoxville, TN.

Famous quotes containing the words life, missionaries and/or gospel:

    I can no more think of my own life without thinking of wine and wines and where they grew for me and why I drank them when I did and why I picked the grapes and where I opened the oldest procurable bottles, and all that, than I can remember living before I breathed.
    M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992)

    It was very agreeable, as well as independent, thus lying in the open air, and the fire kept our uncovered extremities warm enough. The Jesuit missionaries used to say, that, in their journeys with the Indians in Canada, they lay on a bed which had never been shaken up since creation, unless by earthquakes.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The technologist was the final guise of the white missionary, industrialization the last gospel of a dying race and living standards a substitute for a purpose in living.
    Max Frisch (1911–1991)