Mischa is a personal name that can be male or female. In Russian, Mischa (Misha) is a diminutive for Mikhail. Otherwise, the name may refer to:

  • Mischa Auer, (1905–1967) a Russian actor
  • Mischa Barton (born 1986), an American actress and former child fashion model
  • Mischa Elman, (1891–1967) a Ukrainian-born violinist
  • Mischa Maisky, a celebrated cellist who won 6th prize at the Moscow International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1966
  • Mischa Mischakoff, (1895-1981) a violinist and concertmaster
  • Mischa Richter, a cartoonist who worked with Strictly Richter and The New Yorker

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Mischa Barton/Comments - Modelling, Fashion Design, and Endorsements
... spoke about Barton “So many girls want to look like Mischa Barton ... girl, the looks of course always get a lot of attention, Mischa Barton got a lot and learned to live with her fame ... Shoreditch, the store has the working-title of 'Mischa's Closet' ...
Budapest String Quartet - History of The Quartet - Mischa Schneider – Cellist
... named Mojzesz Sznejder, later rendered in German as 'Mischa Schneider' ... Mischa often found himself defending his younger brother Sasha against their father ... In 1920, at the age of 16, Mischa left home to study in Leipzig under Julius Klengel, his teacher’s teacher ...
Mischa Mischakoff
... Mischa Mischakoff (April 16, 1895 – February 1, 1981) was an outstanding violinist who, as a concertmaster, led many of America's leading ... Proskuriv (today Khlmelnytskyi), Ukraine as Mischa Fischberg ... Mischa Mischakoff also led the Mischakoff String Quartet in the various cities where he lived, and between 1940 and 1952 he taught at the Juilliard School in New York ...
Mischa Auer - Early Life
... His name is usually seen as Mischa Ounskowsky, Mischa being the German transliteration of Misha (the diminutive form of Mikhail), and Ounskowsky being the French transliteration of his surname ... Mischa renamed himself after his grandfather ...
List Of Eureka Seven Characters - Gekkostate - Mischa
... Soumi (Japanese), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English) Age 40 Mischa (ミーシャ, Mīsha?) is the Gekkostate's doctor ... Towards the end of the series, Mischa's role is mainly looking after Talho's pregnancy ... Contrary to her harsh demeanor, Mischa is a serious person who is concerned about the well-being of the crew and Eureka ...