Minuscule 1424 - Text


The Greek text of the codex, is a representative of the Byzantine text-type with alien readings. Streeter remarked some relations between the codex and the various "Caesarean" witnesses, especially in the Gospel of Mark, but conceded it is only a tertiary witness to the type. But there are more of the Alexandrian readings than Caesarean. The manuscript together with M (021), 7, 27, 71, 115, 160, 179, 185, 267, 349, 517, 659, 692, 827, 945, 954, 990, 1010, 1082, 1188, 1194, 1207, 1223, 1391, 1402, 1606, 1675, 2191 and other manuscripts belongs to the Family 1424 (von Soden's I φ group). The whole Family 1424 deserves a more textual study than it received. According to Kurt and Barbara Aland in Gospel of Mark it agrees 88 times against the original text, 23 times supports the original text against the Byzantine, and 63 times it agrees with both. It has also 35 independent or distinctive readings. Alands placed the text of the codex in Category III for the Gospel of Mark, and in Category V for the rest of books.

According to the Claremont Profile Method it represents textual cluster 1675 in Luke 1, Luke 10, and Luke 20, as a diverging member.

Textual variants

The word before the bracket is of UBS edition

Matthew 11:2 – Χριστου ] Ιησου (supported by Codex Bezae, 0233, Lectionary 241 and other mss);
John 12:5 – τριακοσιων ] διακοσιων;

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