Minsc /ˈmɪnsk/ is a fictional character in the Baldur's Gate series of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing video games developed by BioWare. Minsc originated in pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons sessions held by Baldur's Gate's Lead Designer James Ohlen, and was expanded upon by the game's lead writer, Luke Kristjanson. First appearing in Baldur's Gate, Minsc later appeared in its sequel, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and expansion, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, as well as in promotions relating to the titles. Minsc is voiced by Jim Cummings in all appearances.

Minsc is a ranger, originally tasked with serving as a bodyguard to the witch Dynaheir as part of a rite of passage. After assisting the protagonist defeat his brother, they are captured alongside him. After Dynaheir is killed by the mage Jon Irenicus, Minsc offers his services to the protagonist in the pursuit of justice. A berserker, Minsc has a strong desire to uphold good and be heroic, though with an extreme fervor that causes those around him to regard him as possibly insane. His animal companion is a hamster named Boo, who he believes is a "miniature giant space hamster" and consults for advice. Boo's actual nature is left for the player to decide.

Since his introduction, Minsc has been regarded as one of the best and most popular elements of the Baldur's Gate due to his demeanor and attachment to Boo, according to sources such as IGN, GameSpot, and Eurogamer. Others such as CVG have regarded him as one of the greatest aspects of PC gaming, while game developers have noted a preference for him. The web comic Megatokyo adapted Boo to appear in their publication, while the protagonist took on aspects of Minsc. His absence from subsequent gaming titles has also been lamented by sources such as UGO.com

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