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  • Kristine Marie Hopkins, portrayed by Krista Allen: a prostitute who first appears in the first episode (The Pilot) where she is suspected of drugging a man and stealing his possessions. Nick Stokes investigates the case but makes a deal with Kristy that if she tells him what she used and gives the man his possessions back she can go without a charge. There have been other cases like this which is why Nick wants to know what they're using. During his short conversation with Kristy during this episode he strikes up an instant rapport with her which is to eventually get him into trouble. The next time Kristy shows up is in episode I-15 Murders where she's in trouble again with a security officer at a shop. She specifically asks for Nick to help her out, claiming the security guard spat on her. Again, the chemistry between Nick and Kristy is present and Nick decides to help her out. He takes Kristy's clothing and gets Greg Sanders to run a test on it to find if there is a certain enzyme on it that is in spit. Greg finds that there's a concentration of amylase on her top which proves the security officer spat on her. Kristy thanks Nick and his attraction to her is more than obvious, but they said goodbye at the end of the episode with a quick goodbye-kiss. Kristy re-appears in episode Boom which is still in the first season. Nick sees her on the side of a road having an argument with a man Nick assumes to be a client. He tells the man to back off and drops Kristy back to her home, but Kristy invites him in and their relationship escalates when they eventually have sex. Kristy also tells him that she plans to come off the game and go back to college. The next morning, Nick leaves but as it is his day off goes back to Kristy's house to spend time with her. When he arrives there he finds that the emergency services, and one of the CSI from the day shift, is at her house because she has been murdered. Conrad Ecklie takes the case and since Nick's fingerprints and DNA is at the crime scene considers him a suspect. This seriously endangers Nick's career as if he is arrested he is automatically not allowed to be a criminalist even if he is cleared of all charges later. When things are looking really bad for Nick, Catherine Willows, his colleague takes the case for twelve hours and finds evidence with the help of Greg processing it all quickly, that proves Nick was not the murderer, but that the man originally seen with Kristy assumed to be a client was the killer who earlier tried to frame Nick. Nick speaks to him and it is revealed that the man is actually Kristy's pimp and she was going back to college to recruit more girls, not to gain an education. It is left unsure if this is the truth, but nevertheless Nick pays for a proper burial for Kristy out of respect for her.
  • Lady Heather, portrayed by Melinda Clarke: a dominatrix and, later, a sex therapist. Appears in several episodes, and, as of season 11, knows the 2 major leader characters of the C.S.I. team, Gil Grissom and Raymond Langston.
  • Tony Thorpe (The Parking Garage Rapist), portrayed by Aldis Hodge. In 2000, a woman named Pamela Adler was raped as she was leaving her office late at night. Thorpe had been lying in wait and ambushed Adler beating her until she fell into a coma. Sara Sidle was the primary investigator and found evidence to tie Thorpe to the rape but Adler's coma made a positive identification impossible and Thorpe was released on a technicality. Sidle promised Thorpe she would finally see him arrested. Adler's husband Tom was now left with the responsibility of caring for his ailing wife. In 2008 following a near decade, Tom Adler killed his wife by cutting off her life support. Tom Adler claimed he did so out of desperation as he claimed Thorpe raped Pamela again and even threatening murder. Sidle working with Greg Sanders naturally ran back to Thorpe believing she finally had enough to nail Thorpe for the original rape and now felony murder, but years earlier Thorpe was involved in a gang-related shooting that left him paralyzed. Thorpe had an unintentional alibi and at the conclusion, Tom Adler was arrested instead for murder going to prison and Thorpe remained a free man.

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