Ming China

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Tibet During The Ming Dynasty - Modern Scholarly Debates - Armed Intervention and Border Stability
... Ebrey writes that Tibet, like Joseon Korea and other neighboring states to the Ming, settled for its tributary status while there were no troops or governors of Ming China stationed in its territory ... after the Mongol troops left Tibet, no Ming troops replaced them." Wang and Nyima state that, despite the fact that the Ming refrained from sending troops to subdue Tibet and refrained from ... Yet invasion went both ways the Ming general Qu Neng, under the command of Lan Yu, was ordered to repel a Tibetan assault into Sichuan in 1390 ...
Tayisung Khan Toghtoa Bukha - Conflict With Ming China
... Tayisung Khan was far more inclined towards peaceful relations with Ming China than his commander Esen ... He kept a friendly relationship with the Ming court ... The prince was an ally of the Ming court ...
The Divine Weapon - Plot
... Joseon Korea faces increasing hostility from Ming China ... Ming China, without restraint, mounts unrelenting demands against the Korean crown, further entrenching distrust and aversion to subservience ... Ming China has especially been provoked by a leaked news that Korea had under way an arms development program that would undermine theirs ...

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