Ming Army

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Li Rusong - Military Career
... The Ming army had been unable to move the rebels holed up in the city for the first 6 months, but after Li arrived the city fell within 3 months ... Together with Ming administrator Song Yingchang, Li Rusong was generally successful in Korea, first retaking the city of Pyongyang in a direct assault within two weeks of setting off (o ... of Hanyang (漢陽) in later January, the Ming army clashed with the Japanese forces in the Battle of Byeokjegwan, which resulted in the Ming army being pushed back briefly ...
Le Loi - Biography - Reaching South
... By Nguyen Chich tactic, 1424 Le Loi decided to march his army to Nghe An plain ... On the way, Lam Son army captured Da Cang fortress, beaten back Cam Banh forces, a commander who worked for the Ming ... Ming general Tran Tri led reinforcement from Nghe An to Tra Long to rescue Cam Banh but was beaten back by Lam Son forces ...
Le Loi - Biography - Revolt of 1418–1427
... Lê Lợi began his campaign against the Ming on the day after Tết (New Year) February 1418. 2–3 years, unable to muster the military forces required to defeat the Ming army in open battle ... As a result he waged a type of guerilla war against the large and well organized Chinese army ...

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