Mineral Base

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Iron–sulfur World Theory - Early Evolution - Cellularization
... These lipids accumulate on or in the mineral base ... This lipophilizes the outer or inner surfaces of the mineral base, which promotes condensation reactions over hydrolytic reactions by lowering the activity ... While still anchored to the mineral base they form a semi-cell bounded partly by the mineral base and partly by the membrane ...
Synthetic Oil - Types - Other Base Stocks Help Semi-synthetic Lubricants
... Group II- and Group III-type base stocks help to formulate more economic-type semi-synthetic lubricants ... Group I-, II-, II+-, and III-type mineral-base oil stocks are widely used in combination with additive packages, performance packages, and ester and/or Group IV polyalphaolefins in order to formulate semi-synth ... Group III base oils are sometimes considered synthetic, but they are still classified as highest-top-level mineral-base stocks ...

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