Million Polygons

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Emotion Engine - Theoretical Performance
... per second Perspective transformation 66 million polygons per second With lighting and fog 36 million polygons per second B├ęzier surface patches 16 million polygons per second Image ...
PlayStation 2 - Technical Specifications
... CPU 64-bit "Emotion Engine" clocked at 294.912 MHz (299 MHz on newer versions), 10.5 million transistors System memory 32 MB Direct Rambus or RDRAM Memory bus Bandwidth 3.2 gigabytes per second Main ... VU0 typically used for polygon transformations optionally (under parallel or serial connection), physics and other gameplay based things VU1 typically used for polygon transformations, lighting and ... VU1 3.08 GFLOPS (with Internal 0.64 GFLOPS EFU) Tri-Strip Geometric transformation (VU0+VU1) 150 million polygons per second 3D CG Geometric transformation with ...

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