Milky is a dance production group based in Italy. The act consists of producers Giordano Trivellato and Giuliano Sacchetto, with Italian singer Giuditta serving as their lead singer on their album, Star. Although Giuditta was the singer on the recordings, a model, the Egyptian born and German raised Sabrina Elahl, was used for the music video for the "Just The Way You Are" single. The same model was used for the vinyl cover.

Elahl's voice did not appear on any of Milky's recordings, where all songs were sung by Giuditta. The latter can be seen on the "Be My World "12" cover, as well as in the video for "In My Mind". Two of the tracks from Star eventually became hits in the United States: "Just The Way You Are" reached the number one position on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2002. The track also reached #8 on the UK Singles Chart. In September 2005, "Be My World" peaked at number 6 on the Hot Dance Airplay chart and also charted in Sweden.

Giuditta also provided the vocals on electronic artist, Joe Pacino's song, "Miss You Bad".

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