Military Order

A military order is any one of a variety of Christian societies of knights that were founded from the Middle Ages onwards for the purpose of crusading – propagating or defending the faith (originally Catholic, and after the Reformation sometimes Protestant), either in the Holy Land or against Islam (as, for example, during the Reconquista) or pagans (mainly in the Baltic region) in Europe. Many orders have, since the end of the Crusades and the Ottoman incursions, become secularized, and are usually represented by Roman Catholic ceremonial, missionary and charitable organizations in modern times.

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Command And Obedience In The Bundeswehr - Military Orders
... A military order is defined in § 2 (2) of the German military penal law (German Wehrstrafgesetz, WStG) as an instruction for a defined behavior (Anweisung zu einem bestimmten Verhalten ... An instruction might be a military order, if a soldier was a defined military superior by the Ministerial Directive Governing Superior-Subordinate Relations (German Vorgesetztenverordnung) ... If an order was given by someone not a military superior, it would be juridically called a "military non-order" (without claim of obedience) ...
Military Order Of The Iron Trefoil - Provision
... Military Order of the Iron Trefoil is founded, Order serves as a visible sign of decoration for a particularly successful actions against the enemy ... The Master of the order of the Poglavnik of the Independent State of Croatia ... Order of Iron Trefoil is the highest military order of the Independent State of Croatia, and it is rewarded for the acts of war, achieved by personal ...
Carlos Eugénio Correia Da Silva, Count Of Paço De Arcos - Other Achievements and Distinctions
... Other distinctions held Grand Cross of the Royal Military Order of Avis (Portugal) Grand Cross of the Order of Naval Merit (Portugal) Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Spain Knight Grand ...
Military Order - Other Uses
... It is possible for a non-crusading order to be founded explicitly as a military order ... This is the case of the Orden Militar de la Constancia ('the Military Order of Loyalty'), founded on August 18, 1946, by the authorities in the Spanish protectorate within Morocco ... Awarded to both Spanish and Moroccan military officers and men, the single-class order was abolished in 1956 ...
Military Order Of St. Henry
... The Military Order of St ... Heinrichs-Orden) was a military order of the Kingdom of Saxony, a member state of the German Empire ... The order was the oldest military order of the states of the German Empire ...

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