Military Intervention

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Battle Of George Square - Military Intervention
... No Glaswegian troops were deployed, with the British government fearing that fellow Glaswegians, soldiers or otherwise, would go over to the workers' side if a revolutionary situation developed in Glasgow ... Under the orders of Field Marshal Sir William Robertson, Scottish regiments were transported from other parts of Scotland and stationed in Glasgow specifically to avert this possible scenario ...
Operation Northwoods - Content
... In response to a request for pretexts for military intervention by the Chief of Operations of the Cuba Project, Brig ... military intervention in Cuba ... military intervention in Cuba a cover and deception plan, to include requisite preliminary actions such as has been developed in response to Task 33 c, could be executed as an initial effort to ...
State-building - Differentiating "nation-building", Military Intervention, Regime Change
... has at times been conflated with military intervention or regime change (again often in the American context) ... This derives in part from the military actions in Germany and Japan in World War II and resulting states, and became especially prevalent following the ... forces to attempt to justify, or reject as an illegal military occupation, the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan ...
Rationale For The Iraq War - Human Rights
... Resolution such as human rights violations of the Hussein government as justification for military intervention ... critics have severely questioned its use as rationale for military intervention ... rights concerns been a central rationale for the invasion, military intervention would not have been justifiable on humanitarian grounds ...
International Commission On Intervention And State Sovereignty
... The International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS) was an ad hoc commission of participants which in 2001 worked to popularize the concept of humanitarian intervention and democracy-restori ... on the normative debate of humanitarian intervention versus state sovereignty ... the issue of what scale of atrocity necessitates humanitarian intervention ...

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    I was curious, I was avid to know only what I found more real than myself, that which allowed me to glimpse the thoughts of a great genius, or the force or grace of nature left to its own devices, without the intervention of man.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    In all sincerity, we offer to the loved ones of all innocent victims over the past 25 years, abject and true remorse. No words of ours will compensate for the intolerable suffering they have undergone during the conflict.
    —Combined Loyalist Military Command. New York Times, p. A12 (October 14, l994)