Midges comprise many kinds of very small two-winged flies found world-wide. The term does not encapsulate a well-defined taxonomic group, but includes animals in several families of Nematoceran Diptera. While some midges are vectors for disease, many others play useful roles as prey items for insectivores, such as frogs. The habits of midges vary greatly among the component families, which include:

  • Blephariceridae, net-winged midges
  • Cecidomyiidae, gall midges
  • Ceratopogonidae, biting midges (also known as no-see-ums or punkies in North America)
  • Chaoboridae, phantom midges
  • Chironomidae, non-biting midges (also known as muffleheads in the Great Lakes region of North America)
  • Deuterophlebiidae, mountain midges
  • Dixidae, meniscus midges
  • Scatopsidae, dung midges
  • Thaumaleidae, solitary midges

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