Mico may refer to:

  • Motor Industries Company, former name for Bosch India
  • Mico University College, Jamaica
  • Mitso Asen, Bulgarian tsar
  • Mico, term in Muskogee meaning chief
  • Mico (genus), genus of monkey
  • Mico (band), Canadian rock band
  • Mico, Texas, city in Texas
  • nickname for Japanese singer Mieko Hirota
  • Richard Mico, an English composer

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... He is also known as Kinhega, Kinheja, Kinhija, Opie Mico, Kapitca Mico, Capichee Mico, Tom Perryman and Lye Drop Mico (the latter meaning "Far Off Warrior") ...
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Mico University College
... The Mico University College (The Mico) is an institution of higher education in Kingston, Jamaica ... The Mico was founded in 1835 through the Lady Mico Charity, one of four teacher training institutions established during this period in the British colonies and the only one to ... The Mico University College was established as a non-denominational Christian institution that caters both to male and female students ...