Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum

Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum (also Hockeytown State Fair Coliseum) is a 5,600-seat multi-purpose arena in Detroit, Michigan. The coliseum, built in 1922, is part of the now-defunct Michigan State Fair, which was the oldest state fair in the United States. The coliseum has also been the long-time venue of the Detroit appearance of the Shrine Circus.

It is home to the Wayne State University Warriors ice hockey team. The arena was also host to the 2006 men's and women's College Hockey America conference tournament. Wayne State played its first collegiate hockey season in 1999 at the arena following the coliseum's renovation. Wayne State played its next three seasons at the Great Lakes Sports City Superior Arena in Fraser and then two seasons at the Compuware Sports Arena in Plymouth before returning to the Coliseum in 2005.

Between early 1999 and mid 2000, the Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum was the site of three different Extreme Championship Wrestling house shows.

In 2006 the Royal Oak-Shrine Catholic High School Knights ice hockey team began playing at the State Fairgrounds Coliseum. The team left in 2007 and is returning for the start of the 2008-2009 season for their first varsity season.

The in-limbo United Hockey League team, the Motor City Mechanics, planned to resume operations in 2008 and play at the Coliseum; however, this has not yet come to pass.

The exterior of the coliseum was used as the Flint Fairgrounds Coliseum in the 2008 movie Semi-Pro.

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