Michel De Certeau - Works About Michel De Certeau

Works About Michel De Certeau

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  • Michel de Certeau: Interpretation and Its Other. By Jeremy Ahearne. Stanford University Press. 1996.
  • A partir de Michel de Certeau: de nouvelles frontières. Special issue of Rue Descartes, journal of International College of Philosophy, Presses Universitaires de France. 1999.
  • Michel de Certeau: Cultural Theorist. By Ian Buchanan. Sage Press. 2000.
  • Michel de Certeau-In the Plural. A special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, edited by Ian Buchanan. Duke University Press. 2001.
  • Michel de Certeau: les chemins d'histoire. Edited by Christiàn Delacroix. Complex. 2002.
  • Michel de Certeau: Le marcheur blessé. By François Dosse. Decouverte. 2002.
  • Un chemin non tracé. By Luce Giard in Histoire et psychanalyse entre science et fiction (Michel de Certeau). Gallimard. 2002.

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    The sick man is taken away by the institution that takes charge not of the individual, but of his illness, an isolated object transformed or eliminated by technicians devoted to the defense of health the way others are attached to the defense of law and order or tidiness.
    —Michel de Certeau (1925–1986)

    Now they express
    All that’s content to wear a worn-out coat,
    All actions done in patient hopelessness,
    All that ignores the silences of death,
    Thinking no further than the hand can hold,
    All that grows old,
    Yet works on uselessly with shortened breath.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)