Michael Heath (cartoonist)

Michael John Heath (born 1935) is a prolific British strip cartoonist and illustrator.

His father, George Heath, was also a cartoonist (of comic strips). His work has appeared in numerous British publications including Punch, Lilliput, the Evening Standard, The Evening News, The Guardian, The Spectator, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday, and Private Eye; all his work is signed simply as "HEATH".

He has been cartoon editor of "The Spectator" magazine since 1991, and the cartoons which are published do not always adhere to the magazine's conservative politics. Heath's own political cartoons have also appeared in The Independent newspaper.

A biography for him can be seen at the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent's website http://www.cartoons.ac.uk/artists/michaelheath/biography

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