Miao may refer to:

  • Miao people, linguistically and culturally related group of people, recognized as such by the government of the People's Republic of China
  • Miao script or Pollard script, writing system used for Miao languages
  • Miao (pinyin), a Daoist shrine or temple
  • Miao, Chongming County (庙镇), town in Shanghai, China
  • Miao, Changlang, town in Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Miao, in India
  • Miao (album), album by Candy Lo
  • Meow, the sound a cat makes

Other articles related to "miao":

Miao Jinqing - During Emperor Suzong's Reign
... Miao Jinqing did not do so, but instead fled into a valley and eventually to Ankang Commandery ... He summoned Miao to his court and made Miao Zuo Xiang (左相) — the head of the examination bureau (門下省, Menxia Sheng) and a post considered one for a chancellor ... He often consulted Miao on important affairs of state ...
List Of Rosario + Vampire Characters - Fairy Tale - Masked King
... The Masked King (仮面の王, Kamen no Ō?) is the founder of the Miao Family and the true leader of Fairy Tale, thus making him the main antagonist of Season 2 Gyokuro Shuzen is merely a stand-in for him ... He wants nothing more than total world domination, going as far as to keep the Huang and Miao families fighting each other and even planning to kill the heir to the Miao ...
List Of Rosario + Vampire Characters - Fairy Tale - Xi-Long Miao
... Xi-Long Miao (苗 西龍, Myao Shāron?) is the leader of Fairy Tale's 4th Subdivision and the leader of the Miao Family ...
Miao Peinan
... Miao Peinan(Miao P'ei-nan) (1895-1970) (繆培南) was a KMT general from Wuhua, Guangdong ...
Miao Jinqing - Background
... Miao Jinqing was born in 685, during the first reign of Emperor Ruizong ... His grandfather Miao Kui (苗夔) was known for having refused appointment to civil service ... His father Miao Daishu (苗殆庶) did serve as an official, but only reached the office of secretary general of Longmen County (龍門, in modern Yuncheng, Shanxi) ...