MHC Class II


MHC Class II

MHC (major histocompatibility complex) Class II molecules are found only on antigen-presenting cells and lymphocytes.

The antigens presented by class II peptides are derived from extracellular proteins (not cytosolic as in class I); hence, the MHC class II-dependent pathway of antigen presentation is called the endocytic or exogenous pathway.

Loading of MHC class II occurs by phagocytosis; extracellular proteins are endocytosed, ingested in lysosomes, and created by the class II MHC molecule prior to the molecule's migration to the cellular membrane.

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... Identifiers Symbols CD74 DHLAG HLADG II Ia-GAMMA External IDs OMIM 142790 MGI 96534 HomoloGene 3209 ChEMBL 4692 GeneCards CD74 Gene Gene Ontology Molecular ... The invariant chain (Abbreviated Ii) is a polypeptide involved in the formation and transport of MHC class II protein ...
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... Travel class, a quality of accommodation on public transport Class (locomotive), a single design of a locomotive as assigned by the railroad Classification ...
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... The nascent MHC class II protein in the rough ER has its peptide-binding cleft blocked by the invariant chain (Ii a trimer) to prevent it from binding cellular peptides or peptides from the endogenous pathway ... The invariant chain also facilitates MHC class II's export from the ER in a vesicle ... called CLIP which blocks peptide binding until HLA-DM binds to MHC II, releasing CLIP and allowing other peptides to bind ...
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... TSST-1 binds primarily to the alpha-chain of class II MHC exclusively through a low-affinity (or generic) binding site on the SAG N-terminal domain ... This is opposed to other super antigens (SAGs) such as DEA and SEE, that bind to class II MHC through the low-affinity site, and to the beta-chain through a high-affinity site ... MHC-binding by TSST-1 is partially peptide-dependent ...

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